April meeting presenter: Margaret Waters

Margaret Waters will be giving the program for the April 28, 2018 meeting of the Georgia Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists. She will be discussing her research and publishing project which is focused on Orangeburgh District, South Carolina from its first European settlement in 1735 up to 1860. Orangeburgh District suffered a devastating loss of records in the Civil War, making this an especially interesting research task.

Margaret began mapping some of the earliest land grants of the area in 1999. In order to facilitate locating the land grants, she has incorporated data from all of the federal census records prior to 1860 into her project. In 2012 she became a co-administrator in the Orangeburgh District DNA Project with the task of handling autosomal DNA testing. The project currently has over 550 members and the results are starting to contribute to the research.

Even before adding the DNA Project to her research on Orangeburgh District, Margaret realized the need to have some documented information available on the early settlers and residents of the area. Working with individuals who have done the DNA testing made her even more aware of the inconsistent data available on the earliest families of the district.

Margaret has started work on a series of volumes of biographical sketches of Orangeburgh District. She hopes to have the first volume available in October 2018. At this April 28th meeting she will be giving an overview of her research and looking for input, suggestions, and feedback on the book layout and publishing plans she is considering using.

For further information on Margaret’s work, visit her website at www.orangeburghplats.com

The meeting will be held at the Georgia Archives in Morrow, Georgia, and begins at 11:00 am. Feel free to bring a lunch to enjoy during the meeting or the following study group.